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A Full alloy wheel refurbishment centre. All wheels catered for such as diamond cut, split rims, painted wheels along with custom paint finishes available. All carried out on site in our high end set up. (Service loan cars available subject to T&C’S)

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A custom built detailing centre specialising in full detailing services including ceramic coatings and high end paint finishes, along with full interior detailing services with fabric and leather treatments. All vehicles welcome. We offer a high end Matrix ceramic coating option or a more budget friendly auto finesse coating. (Service loan cars available subject to T&C’S)

V-Hub Detailing

As a business, our goals have always included competitive pricing, satisfied customers, and high-quality work. We focus on customer service and satisfaction as our top priorities. We want to offer our customers the best car detailing at a fair and affordable price. V-Hub Detailing in Tewkesbury is set to offer the best and most cost-effective detail service. Every client that uses V-Hub Detailing is treated individually and we do not subscribe to the “one service fits all” when it comes to our customers. Whether you have an SUV, Family, Super Car, luxury car, or classic we have the means to detail it. We have a specialized team ready and waiting to detail your vehicle here at our new purpose-built facility. Please explore further into the website to find out more.

Wheel hub

At Wheel Hub in Tewkesbury we repair, refinish, repaint, Diamond Cut and Custom Finish almost any damaged wheel. Our staff has over 10 years of combined wheel repair experience. We use this great knowledge combined with equal skill to bring your wheels from whatever damage they have back to almost new condition. At Wheel Hub we don’t just hammer your wheels and Spray some paint on them, We take the time and use the most advanced equipment and techniques to ensure your wheels are true and are refinished with quality and without compromise. Please explore further into the website to find out more.

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