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What is Matrix ?

Using the latest state of the art technology MATRIX is a range of ceramic coatings which enable your car to look the best, in ‘showroom condition’ for longer. Enhancing every detail from the depth of colour to the slickness of the finish.

Specifically designed and rigorously tested by expert chemists, they meet the needs of experienced detailing professionals and vehicle enthusiasts alike, to protect the value of your investment.

MATRIX ceramic coatings deliver outstanding results. With up to 8 years durability no other ceramic coating can touch them for all round performance.

MATRIX ceramic coatings provide water resistance to weather, abrasion, marring, temperature, chemicals and contaminants forming a strong bond to the surface they will not melt, crack or wear off.




The Matrix range

At the core of the MATRIX range are the ceramic coatings for the exterior surfaces of the vehicle, lasting up to 8 YEARS they provide outstanding performance.

Matrix also has a full range of aftercare products, to keep your vehicle looking at its very best all year round.

Matrix Blue (3 years protection) – £250

Matrix Black (8 years protection) – £350

  • Paintwork – Ultimate shine, ultra hydrophobicity and super slick finish
  • Glass – Ultra hydrophobicity and dirt repellence
  • Interiors – All round protection for fabric, vinyl and upholstery
  • Carpets – Protection against everyday stains and spillages
  • Seats – Multi surface stain resistance for leather, alcantara and others
  • Wheels – Ultra hydrophobicity and dirt repellence

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Multi dimensional performance dynamics …

Ultimate shine – The optically pure crystalline finish stays cleaner for longer. the 9H hardness means less marring, no micro scratches and a much higher level of shine. Just like wrapping your car in glass

Ultra Hydrophobic super slick finish – With outstanding water and dirt repellence and beautiful beading, you will be able to watch dirt and water simply slip from your vehicle, leaving it cleaner and glossier for longer

High definition colour enrichment – Outstanding colour enrichment means that your car will always be the colour it was indented to be. Makes colours richer and metallics ‘pop’

Up to 8 years durability – Keeps your car looking new for longer and requiring less maintenance, Matrix ceramic coatings add value to your investment Matrix fully bonds to the paintwork, wheels and glass for long term results. The coating will not melt, crack or wear off for up to 8 YEARS making your car look newer for longer. The optically pure, glass like coating provides outstanding resistance to chemicals and scratches to ensure your investment is FULLY protected

Matrix ceramic coatings use the latest generation ceramic technology to deliver a complete solution to the appearance of every aspect of the vehicle


Ceramic coating warranty.

Matrix black – 8 year warranty

Matrix blue – 3 year warranty

Warranty covers the following

  • Loss of gloss
  • Colour fading
  • Total loss of water repellence
  • Seat fabric
  • Carpet
  • Leather
  • Vinyl
  • Alcantara
  • Convertible roof tops

All Matrix products are supplied with a great warranty. Here at V-hub we register your warranty once the ceramic coating has been applied to your vehicle.

We also provide a great list of optional after care products to use in the future after the ceramic coating has been applied.

Full details can be explained to you by our accredited detailer.