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Wheel Hub Services


Our onsite DCR3 Diamond Cutting process  in Tewkesbury is our premium service that offers the finest finish for your diamond alloy wheels. The precision cut applied to the rims or full face removes only what is required, allowing a stunning quality finish compared to other alloy wheel refurbishment methods.

The process involves cleaning your alloys using a specialist cleaning process which ensures all dirt, tar, and grit is removed completely before any repairs are carried out. This allows our technicians to get a better look at the condition of the wheel to determine what repair processes are required. Once the alloy wheel is clean it is painted if required, before the surface of the wheel is precision cut on our DCR3 lathe to leave a high cut Diamond finish.

The process is completed by coating the rim with a scratch proof lacquer and baked in our alloy wheel oven. At this stage the alloys are carefully quality checked by our technicians to ensure it meets our high standards of finish. The tyres are then refitted, inflated to the correct pressure and re balanced.

There are many individual looks you can create with our diamond cutting finish, combining it with special painted inserts  and custom rims to create a look that is unique for your own car. Our technicians are on hand to talk to you in person about the options available.


We believe a Diamond Cut finish is the best an alloy can get! Our Diamond cut alloy repair service is hassle-free and quality assured. With precision machine cutting, we guarantee a great result and a stunning look for your rims. Kerbside damage, scrapes and chippings from the road can leave unwanted markings and damage to your wheel trims, and Diamond cutting your alloys will bring them back to life. Although a Diamond cut finish is not possible on all alloys our trained technicians are on hand to be able to advise if the process can be applied to your alloys.


Over time, water can seep in and damage your wheels; however, our specialist technicians are experts and can re-service your alloys when required. Keep an eye out for milky patches on your alloys, which may be an indicator that water has started to seep under the lacquer.

Did you know all refurbishments are carried out on site using specialist and advanced equipment to a ensure quality finish.

Our Prices

Prices will vary based on size and condition of your wheels, however, the price guide below provides a good estimate of the total cost, should you wish a firm quote please email or call with details of your wheels. We will need to know the size of your wheels, the type of finish you require and a general description of their current condition. All costs will be confirmed in writing on a Wheel Hub Services order form at the time wheels are received and before any work is undertaken.

Prices shown include VAT at the current rate.

Services - Wheels Per Wheel Per set of 4
Painted wheels up to 19″ - Prices from £60.00 £240.00
Painted wheels 20" and above - Prices from £70.00 £280.00
Split rims up to 19″ - Prices from £100.00 £400.00
Split rims 20″ and above - Prices from £125.00 £500.00
Diamond cut up to 24″ (Only outer edge cut) £60.00 £240.00
Diamond cut up to 24″ (Full face cut) £100.00 £400.00
Diamond cut wheels 25" and over £120.00 £480.00
Non-Standard Colours: Chrome Silver, Black Chrome, Bright Silver, Copper, Bronze, Matt Gunmetal, Hot Pink and any matt finishes with the exception of Satin Black - Prices from £50.00
Repair work (such as welding and straightening) can be undertaken subject to full safety assessment - Prices from £50.00 £200.00
Wet blasting £25.00 £100.00
Dry blasting £40.00 £160.00
PLEASE SEE OUR TERMS & CONDITIONS* prices also apply to steel wheels but not bradmagnesium. These are priced on a case by case basis subject to inspection of the wheels in order to assess the magnesium content, cast quality, and level of corrosion. Centre caps, including multi-part centre caps start at £9.00 per cap.